Amoeba update - Opening timeline and beyond

We're so close to opening our doors here at Amoeba CrossFit.
Neal Schuppe
September 26, 2022
Amoeba update - Opening timeline and beyond

Hey everyone,

We're so close to opening our doors here at Amoeba CrossFit.

Our Rogue order came in a lot sooner than we expected, so we've spent the last two weeks hustling to get the gym up and running. With that backdrop, I figured it's a great time to kick off this blog and start communicating with you all a bit better. And at scale! A bunch of you already knows the rough timeline of how things will play out at Amoeba CrossFit in these early days. Now it's time to make it official. Here's how the first few months of Amoeba should look like.  

This week - "Open" week

The gym is very much an active construction zone. We've got cardboard boxes everywhere. Dusty floors. Gear just hanging about. It's truly a beautiful disaster to see in person. Which is exactly what you should do.

Come visit the space and get to know Amoeba IRL. I'm usually there from 10 am to 5 pm, but might not be there the exact moment you swing by. Let's sync up before you come by so that we don't miss each other. It's probably best to message on Instagram or email.

Hope to see you this week!

April - Founders Club + Bring-a-friend

In the coming days, I'll provide much more info on our founder's club. Here's a high-level overview until then.

Our funders club will consist of the initial trailblazers at Amoeba CrossFit. This is a group of people willing to take a gamble on a nascent CrossFit box and help shape its direction in the early days.

During April, Amoeba will just be open to founders. We'll also work on a bring a friend program so that it's not super lonely in the beginning :)

Look for a blog post with more detail either tomorrow or Wednesday.

May - Soft opening

Our founders will help us beta test a lot of things and work out the kinks during April. That hopefully means the first week of May is when we'll open the doors to everyone else. Our systems will be dialed in and you can come into Amoeba with some confidence that we know what we're doing. That's the plan at least! Let's see how everything plays out.

June - Grand opening and beyond

Maybe it's more accurate to say June is an anniversary party disguised as a grand opening. It was back in June 2020 that Amoeba officially started - at least on the books. It was and remains a passion project. Nonetheless, I think in mid-June you can look forward to a celebration of sorts that doubles as a grand opening.

Random questions and answers

Pricing? Give me a day or two. It'll be up alongside the founder's club when I post it.

Can I work out this week? Sure. This week is very chill. Come through and use the gym for an hour or so. We'll have a workout each day that you can do. Or you can do your existing programming. There won't be any coaching this week, but if you're comfortable moving on your own and have done CrossFit before you are welcome to check it out. Just remember the dust from above - our floor scrubber doesn't come for a while. Anyways, message me to sync up a time if you want to work out.

What equipment do you have? The basics for CrossFit, for now. I'll publish a detailed equipment list and equipment acquisition plan later this week.

Any other questions? I'm sure you have a million. And I think I have most of the answers and will be sharing them in the coming days and weeks. Can't wait? Send a message for any burning questions you have now that can't wait and I'd be happy to answer them.

See you soon,


P.S. Forgive any misspellings here or bugs you find throughout the site. Like the gym, our little site is very much under active construction.

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