What we're doing, why we're doing it, and the future

What we're doing, Why we're doing it, The present and future of Amoeba...
Neal Schuppe
October 31, 2022
What we're doing, why we're doing it, and the future

tl;dr - Amoeba CrossFit is a passion project to plant and cultivate a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts working towards lifelong health. It starts with a physical gym in central California and hopefully grows into something much bigger.

What we're doing

Building a new CrossFit box to serve Fresno and Clovis. Our physical address is 567 Park Creek Dr, Clovis CA. But it's a super accessible location to pretty much anyone in both Clovis and Fresno thanks to our proximity to the 168 highway and Herndon exit. I think the other day, without speeding, I was able to make it from the gym to downtown Fresno in just 13 minutes. Anyways, it's a physical gym that you can check out today! Just message ahead of time to make sure someone is here. We're just getting up and running so you might miss us if you come unannounced.

Our box isn't massive but it's also not small. It's in that sweet spot of just right. The warehouse space for fitness and fun is 3,330 square feet. And we've got some office space upfront that will become a lounge and kids room. Massive wall-mounted rig from Rogue that's running the length of our wall. We have plenty of open floor space for those spicy metcons that don't require the rig.

Why we're doing it

For this section, we need to switch our voice from third-person to first-person.

Hi, it's me Sam. Owner and coach at Amoeba CrossFit. My CrossFit journey started back in 2016 at a gym up in Seattle called CrossFit Bel-Red. It was a sweet little box that was part of a bigger sports club that nearly 95% of Microsoft employees went to. It was a fantastic club with all the free weights and Smith machines you could want*. But like anyone who goes to similar globo gyms, I fell into a rut of boredom and routine for fitness. And despite showing up every day I was not getting fit. Enter CrossFit.

I immediately became hooked and have been at a CrossFit box ever seen. Shortly after that, I moved back to southern California and joined a box in my hometown of Redlands. Block CrossFit was home for many years and where I think my affinity for farmers carry came from.

The next step on the journey was a local box here in Clovis. Certus CrossFit with a great community and team of coaches. Moving here we were stoked to find a new box to call home so fast.

The only problem with any of the above gyms? They weren't mine. There's been an entrepreneurial spark inside to start and grow a gym from the ground up. Amoeba CrossFit is that spark turned into a flame. Now it's up to all of us to grow that flame into a fire.

Alright, back to third-person.

The present and future of Amoeba

We're launching a founders' club for the month of April. We will use the month of April to have slow and deliberate growth in preparation for the general public sometime in May. Our goal for April is to work out most of the kinks that come with running a CrossFit box.

Beyond that, we're going to spend this year adding classes, acquiring more equipment (we have the basics right now for a core CrossFit experience), and overall settling into our own as a gym.

Our goal isn't just to become the best CrossFit box in Clovis or Fresno. It's to become a great CrossFit box, period. And whether we reach that goal or not, our promise to you is that we will continually pursue that goal. And it's that continual pursuit that you should see every day and every week when you step inside Amoeba CrossFit.

*Just kidding. Nobody wants a Smith machine. Not even a Smith machine's mother wants a Smith machine.

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