Week 1 Schedule

Just a quick update about the schedule this week and our programming!
Shaun Howe
October 31, 2022
Week 1 Schedule

Hey Amoebas,

Just a quick update about the schedule this week and our programming!


The early days are going to be a nice blend of chaos as we operationally get up and running. But you all already know this :)

We're going to start this week with 4 daily classes. Growing in the following weeks as the athlete population grows.

Monday through Friday


Open gym

Can't make any of the 4 daily classes? No worries at all! We'll have open gym anytime I'm in here working on the box or in the office doing admin stuff on the computer. I think most days this week I'll be here from 8:00am to 11:00 am. And from 3:30pm to 7:00pm. It's still best practice to just send me a text message (559-540-8084) to see where I'm at or if I'm in the gym. Just in case a random errand pops up. Yes, this does not scale, but thank you in advance for your patience!


We've decided to go with Misfit Affiliate programming for Amoeba CrossFit! They have a great GPP program and optional competitor piece for each day. I'll have a blog post sometime this week or next that goes into more detail on their programming and why we went with it for Amoeba. But I just wanted to give you a quick high-level overview to set you up for this week.

Our timing of opening the gym is quite serendipitous with the Misfit's programming. The CrossFit Open is over and for most athletes what comes next is the start of a new training year. With this in mind, our first week and second week of programming at Amoeba will consist of setting benchmarks across strength markers and some classic CrossFit workouts. Setting benchmarks is critical to any training program. It allows you to set a baseline, train, and see how that training impacted the baseline you set. A critical part in evaluating any training program is whether it helps you achieve your goals.

Did it make you stronger? Did it make you faster? Did you master a new movement? To answer those questions we first need to measure. So let's measure this week!

I want you to have the right mindset going into this week and next. And that mindset is positivity. There will be workouts that don't necessarily appeal to you. Maybe they highlight a weakness you have or expose a skill you've neglected. That's ok. Just do your best this week! Let's get those benchmark measurements in and going forward we'll work together to address whatever it is that you need. It's the Amoeba way.

Want in on Amoeba CrossFit? The only way for now is via our founder's club.

So stoked to see you in the gym this week.

Work hard,


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