Week 2 at Amoeba

Can you believe that's the first week in the books? Let's go!
Mark Hoppe
October 31, 2022
Week 2 at Amoeba


Can you believe that's the first week in the books? Let's go!

Quick blog below for this upcoming week, schedule, and more.


It's the same as last week for our CrossFit classes. And don't forget you can take advantage of open gym anytime when someone is here in the gym working.

Monday through Friday


This week at Amoeba

Clean floors coming Wednesday. Our Bulldog Mat Scrubber shipped and gets here sometime on Tuesday. That thing will be set up as soon as it arrives and we'll clean these mats. Thanks for your patience during this dusty first week.

Wall balls and handstand push-ups. The middle section of our wall should be painted by Wednesday with two solid black lines for wall ball shots. A polyurethane coat is also being applied so that we can start kicking up and getting some handstand push-up work in. Wednesday's conditioning piece has a lot of strict handstand push-ups, so that's our goal. To have it ready by Wednesday morning.

Drinking fountain in the kitchen sink. Adding a water filter to our kitchen sink so that you can fill up water bottles with filtered water. Eventually, we'll have a drinking fountain or something like a FloWater dispenser in the gym, but a water filter system in the kitchen sync is our temporary solution. Hydrate or diedrate.

Even more Speal bars! And other single pull-up bars. Our next little order from Rogue shipped and should be here this week. It includes a ton more single pull-up bar locations for our rig. Including 4 additional Speal bars for Amoeba CrossFit. These bars are the crème de la crème of bars when it comes to muscle-ups and other high-volume gymnastics work.  

Not one, but two blog posts. I think I owe you a blog post going into a bit more detail with our programming and what our equipment looks like now and going forward. Will do my best to get them both published this week.  

Merch should be live to buy on the site. Right now I'm working on the first batch of merchandise that should be live on our website here for you to purchase. Nothing too wild and not a huge variety of designs off the bat. But laying down the technical groundwork for us to have a massive diversity of merchandise for us all in the future. Anyways, hope to have it up and functional by Thursday or Friday this week.  

Massive thanks to our early founders. Your feedback, love, and support have already been immense in just one week. Amoeba is yours to shape going forward and it's in great hands.

Text or call me for anything at 559-540-8084.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week.

- Amoeba Sam

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